I Wrote About All That Jesus Began To Do And Teach

I Wrote About All That Jesus Began To Do And Teach

In his book, A New Mission to Wales (2016, Waleswide), David Ollerton, drawing on extensive research, concludes that churches that are proclaiming/sharing the good news of Jesus in words, as well as showing God’s love in action and service, are those seeing the greatest growth in numbers.

Some of us will find it harder to tell than to show.

David Hughes from Rural Ministries https://tinyurl.com/y8e6uurk challenges us with the question

what are we like at doing? – what do our villages and communities SEE when they look at us as a church and as individuals, because that is the first experience they will have of the Christ that lives in us.

I am constantly aware that on many occasions, people are drawn to our churches by what they see. It is the things we do and the way we are outside of Sunday services that attract people, the events that we put on during the week, the love we show and the lives we live.

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