Let’s Find Our Voice

Let’s Find Our Voice

This summer we went to Portugal on holiday.

One of the few tourist attractions we visited was the Sand Sculptures at Pêra.

I thought that the sculpture of Elvis Presley looked more like my neighbour than the great man himself!


He was joined by other singers including David Bowie and Bob Marley. There was no musical accompaniment though. Just silence …

It made me think of a good friend of mine who recently returned to Britain after over ten years working overseas. Some of his comments on the British church culture were that it was great to see Foodbanks, Debt Clubs, Street Pastors and other initiatives springing up all across the nation. That we have learned to love our neighbours through acts of mercy and compassion.

But he also commented on how the Church had lost her voice in some ways and places.

The gospel should continually challenge our lives as individuals, our culture as local communities, and leave us asking what is His Story? How can I take my place and use my story, mixed with boldness and love and make sure we don’t remain silent.

At one church I visited recently I asked, “When was the last time you told something of His story or your story of faith in Jesus?”.

Some replied years or never, but I was so encouraged that many responded – hours ago, last night, within the last week.

Jesus challenged the pharisees in Luke Chapter 9 verse 40  –

“I tell you,” He answered, “if they remain silent, the very stones will cry out.”

How easy do you find it to be a part of the voice of witness in a rural setting?


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