Outside The 4 Walls

Outside The 4 Walls

When I was growing up I could never understand the relevance of God outside the four walls of a traditional service on a Sunday morning.

How was God relevant in my anxieties, fears, work pressures, study deadlines or relational problems as I was growing up?

He wasn’t, as far as I was concerned!

But of course that changed because I discovered that actually, HE IS! And some of His answers to my concerns were mind blowing!

Today our chapels are developing new initiatives and expressions of community life together – often around food! Our local chapels have always had a reputation for putting on a good afternoon tea.

Now, Outdoor Church, Supper Clubs, Lunch Clubs, Coffee Mornings in a local pub, Footstep Friends (Walking Group) and Creative Crafts are some of the more recent events we have started for times of fun, friendship and time together.

Would you like to know more or come and join us?

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