Telling our Story

Telling our Story

Stories of Hope for Rural Communities is a booklet telling 12 different and wonderful stories of how Jesus has made a difference in a life in the midst of struggles, loss or a breakdown in relationships, written by members of the rural churches. Do get in touch if you want your own copy.

In the days ahead workshops will be held to help us all tell our own story. You may ask why we need help.

Diane Tidball, the previous president of the Baptist Union said:

The culture in the UK is increasingly intolerant of those who hold to Biblical truth and have values based on Christ. There is an aggressive, vocal and at times ugly opposition to anything which appears to stray from a liberal, inclusive mind-set. A discipleship movement has to express itself in tones and terms which enable a response in such contexts, but also has to be resilient in facing criticism and opponents with wisdom, love and grace.

We as local churches need to recapture the joy and fun of being God’s people. Church should be positive, encouraging and inspiring in all its dealings with people. We should do things in the best possible way – whether it is the worship or the coffee they should all reflect God’s glory and beauty.

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